Whooming guide lines

Can I see the blocked number of the anonymous caller before being registered on Whooming?

Whooming can unmask the number of the blocked calls (unknown or private) only after the registration to the service. For the previous calls, we can't do anything.

How to sign up for Whooming?

To sign up, just visit our website www.whooming.com and select “Register”: you will receive an email with the password needed to open your profile. Then click on “Add Number” and follow the guided procedure for the phone number configuration – this step will link your phone number to your Whooming profile. Now you can finally discover the number of your anonymous caller.

You forgot your password.

If you can't remember the login password it is possible retrieving it by clicking on "Forgot Password?" in the login module in our homepage. After that enter the email address you used to register. You will immediately receive an email containing your new login password.

You didn't receive the email with the password

The new login password will be sent automatically. If you don't see it, check in your "Spam/Junk Mail" or "Promotions" folder. We would also like to point out that some mail providers need a few minutes to process certain types of email. Wait a few minutes and re-check your inbox.

You forgot the email you used for the registration

If you forgot the email you used for the registration, use your phone number (if linked to the profile) and your password. If you forgot your password as well, you need to recover everything through your phone number - €1 will be charged. Click on “Forgot Password?” and then “ Recover your password through your phone number”.

Is Whooming free?

The basic Whooming service is entirely free. The free service will show you the unencrypted number after 24h. The received call will be immediately visible on the website page “Call List”. If you don't want to wait 24 hours to see the number, you can buy a Whooming recharge – you can decide the amount of the recharge. With this recharge you will receive a text message with the notification of the blocked call received and the unencrypted number.\nYou can also activate additional services, such as “Talk with the stalker” and “ Record the stalker's call”.

How does the service “Talk with the stalker” work?

This service allows you to be called again by the stalker with his number shown, without him knowing.

How does the service “Record the stalker's call” work?

This service records the stalker's call and allows you to download the audio file with the recorded conversation from our website page “Call List”. The “Talk with the stalker” service must be activated.