Whooming guide lines

Whooming was working fine, but now it does not work anymore?

It may happen that your phone has lost the call forwarding configuration, or that your carrier has removed it. Access your profile, enter the "My numbers" section and follow the configuration restore procedure.

How can I disable call forwarding?

To deactivate all call forwarding, enter the following code on your phone:
## 67 #
and press the Green call button.
Warning: deactivating call forwarding the Whooming service will no longer work.

How can I identify an anonymous/hidden call?

After configuring Whooming, upon receipt of an anonymous call you will only have to HangUp the call (red key), immediately afterwards you will be able to check the real number that was calling you into the "Call list" into your Whooming account.

Is Whooming free?

The basic service of Whooming is totally free. Do you want more? Check our subscription options, you'll surely find the one that's right for you.

How to sign up for Whooming?

To register on Whooming just go to our homepage and click the "Register" button. You will receive an email containing the login password with which you will be able to access your profile. Once the registration email procedure have been completed, the confirmation email may end up in the SPAM / Post-Junk folder, check them too. Follow the instructions and you will shortly be registered on our service.

Can I see the blocked number of the anonymous caller before being registered on Whooming?

Whooming can unmask the number of the blocked calls (unknown or private) only after the registration to the service. For the previous calls, we can't do anything.

You forgot your password.

If you can't remember the login password it is possible retrieving it by clicking on "Forgot Password?" in the login module in our homepage. After that enter the email address you used to register. You will immediately receive an email containing your new login password.

You didn't receive the email with the password

The new login password is sent automatically. If you do not see it, check the "Spam / Unwanted mail" or "Promotions" folders. We also want to clarify that some mail providers take a few minutes to process some types of email. Wait a few minutes and check your inbox again.

You forgot the email you used for the registration

If you do not remember the email you used to register for the service, you can log in by entering your phone number as your Username and the password of your choice when registering. If you do not even remember the password you will have to re-register, for security reasons even Whooming can not access the passwords entered by the users.