WHOOMING is a simple and intuitive smartphone application, created to combat the phenomenon of anonymous calls...

In an increasingly interconnected world, being in control of your communications is critical to security.

For example, in Italy alone at least 10,000 women a year report harassment and violence, which can also be implemented with a means accessible to all: the mobile phone.

What threats can telephone agitators pose?

What threats can telephone agitators pose?


It's no coincidence that on the web there are several “prank calls” guides. Although they are often harmless jokes, sometimes they end up triggering a complaint. This is because at times, many of these pranks repeat several times disturbing daily life, almost always from anonymous and unknown numbers.


Some call centers use anonymous numbers. It often happens that, by answering these numbers, you find yourself talking to the same call center operator several times a day. For several days.


The easiest way to scam or harass someone is to try to figure out how to make anonymous calls. Among the various types, sexual harassment also finds fertile ground with anonymous callers.


Calling anonymously is also the easiest way to commit the crime of stalking. Whether it might be for revenge, jealousy, or simple obsession, the stalker (who by definition lives on anonymity) can represent considerable damage to the psyche, sometimes resulting in physical violence. It is therefore essential to know as soon as possible who you are dealing with and to report.

Those who run into these situations often wonder how to block anonymous calls. But Whooming doesn't stop at “how to block anonymous calls”: it reveals their identities to you. Regardless of the type of phone (Android or iOS, Samsung or iPhone) or the telephone operator (EE, O2, AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile US, etc).


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